We Interrupt This Blog

My commitment when I revamped this blog (for the 4th (5th?) time) was to

1. Read something every day (check!)
2. Write something every day (check!)
3. Post something every day (almost-check!)

I'm living up to my commitment on 1. and 2., but 3. is proving slightly more difficult. I've been reading a lot of the wonderful, glorious Anne Lamott. The result is that much of my own writing has turned to the deeply personal, and unlike Ms. Lamott, I don't need all that out there for everyone to access.

Also, there's a #4.

No one needs to read my blog every day, and I want to be more focused in my publishing about Jewish-centric things. (I've got Facebook and Twitter (@schaibly) for all those other thought drippings.)

I've pushed out some posts that needed more editing, more time to simmer, and a few that needed to be deleted. I've also published some really great posts that got lost in the background.

I'll be publishing less, but (I hope) publishing better.

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Hannah out loud said...


I enjoy reading this blog : keep it up!