Just keep flying, just keep flying...

I start most days futzing around on the Internet. People used to read the newspaper with their morning coffee. I surf the web, and I usually skim the headlines and skip right to the funnies.

This damn pelican, though.

I could not stop watching this bird fly around a lake in Tanzania with a GoPro attached to its bill.

Tanzania is gorgeous, and I know from TheGoogle the water is Lake Tanganyika, but it could be anywhere. You can strap a GoPro to any random pelican around the world and the bird would look much the same. Flap, flap, flap. Blink, blink, eye twitch, blink. It's just flying around, doing bird things. And it never looks back.

Is it having fun?
Can birds have fun?
If it is having fun, is it also happy?
What does a happy bird look like?
Is he going somewhere with a specific purpose?
Maybe he had to go see about a girl.
If his flight is purposeless, why fly?
Boredom? Ennui?
A need for a change of scenery?
Does he look down on the land-bound and laugh?
Does he envy our steady gait like we envy his flight?
When he sees us, does he imagine walking is a superpower?
Can he wonder if he would choose "walking" or "invisibility"
if he could choose only one?
Or does he not wonder at all and just keeps
and moving forward?

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